Secure Social Media

Nowadays social media become more popular and the essential one for every individual, in a recent survey report every individual spending at least 116 minutes in social media.It covers our daily part of the life and also it is critical to Secure Social Media accounts.

Steps to safeguard your account – Secure Social Media

Suspicious and Untrusted Links

Don’t click on the links received via email, if it is a shortened link, you should validate it first. Be cautious never type username and password on the page that asks for login details.

verify the link in the address bar before entering login credentials.Ensure it is protected by an SSL certificate(HTTPS).

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Hard Password – Secure Social Media

Use a password with least 13 letters containing special symbol like “,./;’?-*+” numbers, uppercase, and lowercase letters. Don’t use your username or date of birth or phone numbers as the password. Keep Changing your password at regular intervals.

Apps Connected

Now to check the identity most of the apps are connected through social media accounts, ensure what are the apps and their permissions. Keep your Mobile apps updated.

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Two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication adds an additional layer of security, by verifying the login with your Phone number or through Email.

Monitor your social media accounts activity regularly. Be aware of the latest security solutions

Don’t accept a friend request from unknown individuals.

Close your old social media accounts.

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