PRINCE 2 Certification: Self Study Tips to Consider

Being a renowned credential for Project Management PRINCE 2 has become a major requirement for expanding the career in this field. For any disciplined professional it is an easy task to take up self-studies for PRINCE2® Foundation & PRINCE2® Practitioner certification.

All you need to do is create a schedule and work according to the same. Go through the entire syllabus once and make the schedule accordingly. Proper management while preparing for the examination is always helpful.

The foundation Certification exam for PRINCE 2 has a major aim to establish a team of professionals that are well-informed about PRINCE 2 and can sustain in the same environment. And to pass the examination you need to show that you fulfill all the principles and techniques required for the examination.


When you undergo self-study for the preparation of this certification exam, you must make sure that you know all the processes, sub-processes, and techniques associated with these.

A certified potential has all the knowledge related to the relationship between various processes, and dimensions of varying projects.

Open Book Test

The practitioner examination is an open book test that means the candidates are allowed to take the PRINCE 2 manual along with them when they go for the exam. You can mention the important processes and diagrams in the booklet which can be of great help.


When you appear for the examination, you should have the required knowledge about PRINCE 2. The examiner wants to check whether you have the clarity of the management of PRINCE 2 in certain circumstances in various situations. The real aim for taking up the examination is that the examiner needs evidence that the professionals have all the required knowledge.

Plan and Execute

Unlike all the other examinations, PRINCE 2 also requires proper planning and execution of the same. You will never realize when the exam date will approach. Dedicated and sincere efforts at your part will pay off. Make a schedule about the course completion, revision, and exam schedule wisely keeping in mind the risk factors involved.

For those taking up the Practitioner level of examination, consider the following:

  • It will definitely be difficult for you to motivate yourself for studies, but once you get all the material for the exam set together, the preparation becomes less dry and more interesting.
  • Preparation is a difficult task to take; obviously it is not impossible bur sincere efforts are required.
  • You can even take up e-learning when you are trying to prepare for the examination on your own. You cannot rely on the same, but you can search for other relevant information to extend your knowledge of the subject matter.
  • If you have a plan to take up the practitioner level of examination in the future, you must prepare for the foundation examination from the official PRINCE 2 guide available.
  • The interrelation of the various processes shall be thoroughly understood.
  • Despite it being an open-book test, you must be lucky enough to find the answers in the exam.

Exam Preparation Tips

  • The foundation exam is an hour-long examination and a closed-book test.
  • You can prepare for the examination in various learning styles that suits your convenience. Some of them include classroom-based training, self-studies, and e-learning.

Study Tips

  • While you are preparing for the examination you must take up sample questions and papers for better practice.
  • This will help you in having confidence in your preparation and find the areas of improvement.
  • Other than this, it will give you a clear picture of the exam pattern and the way questions are asked.
  • For every wrong answer, study the details and analyze your mistakes. The reasons behind every wrong answer are mentioned for better understanding.
  • When you take up the test at the initial days of the training, you shall not be disheartened by your score. You need to be self-motivated as the topics will be covered in the subsequent days.
  • You shall not hesitate to ask questions as to how and why. This instinct will help you study further and score better on the final day.

PRINCE 2 Study Guide

PRINCE 2 Study guide helps you clear the examination in one go. Your success in the examination clearly depends on the comprehensiveness and quality of the guide you are referring to for the preparation.

Here is the list of the necessary information that a good study guide must contain.

  • Detailed discussions regarding the processes, principles, and themes linked with PRINCE 2.
  • Case Studies: one needs to have an in-depth knowledge of the principles and processes. The guide must contain the case studies that have relevant examples that help in better understanding and implementation of the concepts. The case studies mentioned in the guide are really helpful from the examination point of view as well as during the job.
  • Practice Tests: You can monitor your progress and work accordingly for the next sessions by using these practice tests.
  • Quiz: For self-assessment, a guide should contain a quiz at the end of each chapter.
  • Hinds, Tips, and Tricks: A guide should contain the experience of various practitioners and students together. The hints mentioned will help in choosing the right concepts at the right time.

Technique During the Examination

•    The duration of the examination is 45 minutes. This implies you do not have ample of time to waste on any one question. If you think that any particular question is taking too long to answer, skip that for a while and shift to the next one.

•    Do not skip many questions unanswered. It is multiple-choice questions with one out of four chances of you answering the correct choice.

•    To avoid any last-minute hassle, mark the answers on the answer booklet simultaneously. You might run out of time if you think of doing it by the end of the examination.

Time Management

•    Most of the questions during the Prince2 exam requires you to consider the project scenarios and sometimes also the additional scenarios for some specific topics.

•    You must keep in mind that the exam is set in a way that you are able to implement PRINCE 2 scenarios in real life situations.

•    Segment your time accordingly so as to not rush into the last minutes of the examination.

Clearing PRINCE 2 examination is a difficult task but not an impossible one. You must buy a reliable PRINCE 2 study guide to make the preparation simpler. Also, you will have to put in the sincere effort and devote as much time as possible to bring the best results.


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