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iPhones come with a default iPhone email signature which is sent from my iPhone. Many people may find the iPhone email message very annoying. Even though you can send messages from your phone, clients may not be interested in the fact that it came from an iPhone.

To make things worse, it might make you come across as unprofessional. “Sent from my iPhone”, is a default email signature that should be changed to a more professional business email signature that suits your customers.

5 reasons you should change it

Some people might view it as an excuse for sending emails with a lot of typographical errors, improper punctuations and using clipped sentences. However, your potential customers may not find this amusing.

It just shows people that you are not serious and would deter clients from doing business with you. Changing your default iPhone email signature should be a top priority. Here is why:

1.  Shows you don’t care

Whenever you send an email with this signature it shows that you don’t care about your clients. Caring means you taking out some time to create a good response to your customers.

Instead of rushing when composing your emails, take some time to analyze the message you are trying to pass across to customers. Make sure you place all the main points in your email.

Your e-signature is another important part. Although it might be short, you should make sure that customers will have all the information about your business from your email signature.

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It is a short introduction to what your business does and who clients should contact for further inquiries. Using “sent from my iPhone”  doesn’t do you any justice since you won’t be leaving any contact information for clients.

2.  You don’t understand what you are doing

When you run a business, you have to show clients that they can trust you. Trust is what is going to determine whether they stay or move on to another business that offers the same products or services as you do.

To achieve their trust, you have to show clients that you are up to the task. So, when you send an email with this kind of email signature you are exactly passing the message of a trustworthy business. Remember that first impressions count the most especially for a startup business.

Besides this, as a business enterprise, there are some things that you are expected to know. If clients are able to change this email setting, you should be able to as well. When you keep constantly sending emails with this signature it gives clients the impression that you do not know what you are doing.

3.  Typographical Errors

So, we all prefer using our mobile phones for sending emails and that’s fine. However, sending emails from your mobile phone may increase the number of typographical errors in your text. This comes across as unprofessional. In most cases, emails that have “sent from my iPhone” have typographical errors. So, when you send an email with this email signature, you are essentially telling customers that they should expect typographical errors.

4.  Lack of Sufficient Information

In many cases, an email sent from a mobile phone may be lacking enough information. This may prove to be frustrating for clients. The whole point of an email signature is so that you will be able to provide prospects with the necessary information about your business and what to expect. Even though writing short emails is not necessarily bad, it just leads to information distribution which can be the reason why you fail to convert customers.

5.  Sends the Wrong Message

An email signature is supposed to say a lot about your personality. Using one phrase is not enough for your clients to get a picture of the kind of products or services that you provide. Your email signature is like a business card. Clients should be able to find it easy to contact you when they need to. So, using the iPhone default signature will definitely not help you to accomplish this.

As a business, you are trying to reach out to as many people as possible. The number of sales you make will depend on the number of new customers and customer retention. To maintain this, you have to make sure that everything is working in a way that would suit your clients.

This also includes how you communicate with them. Instead of using a default signature whenever you send emails to prospects, create one that is both appealing to your customers and suits your business. Email signatures show that you know what you are doing and this reassures clients that there is no harm in trusting you.

The benefits of creating a professional email signature are many and include:

  • Shows you are a professional,
  • Improves relationship with customers,
  • Builds your reputation,
  • Provides a short description of your business,
  • Provides customers with all necessary information,
  • Works like a business card,
  • Shows that you are willing to communicate with potential customers

Therefore, do not hesitate to change this immediately. You might ask how do I change this? Well, it is very easy. You can create your own professional email signature by using the various templates that NEWOLDSTAMP provides. With several great designs of templates to choose from, you have unlimited options. You will definitely find one that would suit the image of your business. When used effectively, your email signature can work as a great marketing tool in addition to your marketing strategy.


So, stop sending emails to customers with the default iPhone email signature as this passes the wrong message to prospects. Take out some time to create a professional email signature that shows what to expect from your company. The email signature that you use will go a long way in influencing customer conversion and retention rates. How you present yourself to potential clients can have a lasting impact on the success of your business.

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