How To Share Files On Same Network Without HomeGroup Option?

Earlier, We used HomeGroup option to share files,such as files and printers, with network users. Microsoft discontinued the HomeGroup feature from April 2018 Update (version 1803) after introducing new sharing features like Share, Nearby sharing, OneDrive.

Here we are listing out the steps to share files and printers in local network.

1.How to Share Using Share Feature?

  • Navigate to Folder location with the files you would like to share. Select the file(single or multiple) and then click on Share Button or you can also right click on the files to get the Share option.
  • Now you can then Select a contact, sharing device, or any apps like Mail and continue with the directions displayed.

2.How to Share Using OneDrive Feature?

You can follow the following steps to share files stored inside your OneDrive account.

  • Navigate to Start >> Search for OneDrive and click on it.
  • Select the Share a OneDrive link after selecting the desired file to be selected. Right-click and paste the link to share it with recipient.

Note: More OneDrive sharing option on right clicking the file will allow the users set the sharing preference for the OneDrive content. Users can edit, set expiration date or password using the More OneDrive sharing option.

3.How to Share Using File Explorer?

  • Right click on the file to be shared >> Select Give access to >> Click on Specific people.
  • Select the users that you wish to share the file folder from Network access wizard and click Add.
    • You can select Everyone in Network access wizard, If you wish to share the file among all users or anyone in the network. The user would be prompted to provide the username and password of the account to access the files, if you opt for individual users.
  • Click Shared button >> Right click and select Copy Link option >> Then Done.

Note: You can provide the Permission Level as Read ,Read/Write ,Remove for accessing your shared file.

Share the folder path to another user for accessing the file from the network. Users can access the shared file by pasting the shared folder path in the address bar of File Explorer.

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