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Have you generally neglected to turn off your PC before heading to sleep, or simply neglect to take a gander at the clock while you’re working? In this article we are going to let you know about the best way to shut down your Windows PC or Mac automatically at a particular time set by you.

Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux all enable you to schedule a boot-ups, shutdowns, and wake-ups. This can likewise be helpful for times when you need to leave your gadget playing out an errand, yet then have it shut down after the undertaking will be finished while you leave the PC.

Shutdown Your Windows PC Automatically

  • To make your computer shutdown at a time, type taskschd.msc is start search and hit Enter to open the Task Scheduler. In the right panel, click on Create Basic Task.
  • Give it name and a description if you wish and click Next and When asked When do you want the task to start, select One time. Click Next.
  • Select the Start date and time and Clicking Next will bring you to the Action page. Here select Start a program and click on Next.
  • Here type shutdown on the Program/script space and /s /f /t 0 in the Add arguments box. If you want the shutdown to commence after say 60 sec, type 60 instead of 0 here.
  • Click Next to review all and finally click Finish. Your computer will shutdown at the designated day and time.

Shutdown Your Mac Automatically

  • Hold down the command key and press the space bar to open Spotlight.
  • Type Energy Saver and select the Energy Saver system preference.
  • That will automatically open it. Alternately, you can click on the menu, select System Preferences and click on Energy Saver.
  • Click on the Schedule button.
  • Check Start up or wake, then select the frequency you’d like your Mac to start up. You can specify weekdays, weekends, every day, or a specific day of the week. A separate pop-up menu lets you specify what time you’d like it to wake or start.
  • Check the Sleep menu to specify a sleep time. You can change the end action to Restart or Shut down if you’d prefer.
  • You can specify the same frequency with which you’d like the computer to shut down, restart or sleep, and specify a time.
  • When you’re done, click the OK button to save changes.

Just give me a try.

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