Signal Tops App Store & Google Play Charts In India & US

Signal is now at the top of the App Store charts in India. The app is ranked number one in the top free apps on the Indian market, and third in the Google Play store.
As a result of the ongoing WhatsApp controversy regarding its up-to-date coverage of privacy, these huge new downloads were created. Since it rolled out its new terms of service, WhatsApp has reaped the whirlwind, giving Facebook’s parent company more control over user data. While some users aren’t as bothered, others certainly don’t seem comfortable with WhatsApp’s accept-or-die ultimatum.
As a result, in the last few days, Signal, an alternative, more secure messaging app, has gained some incredible traction, placing itself on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store in different countries at the top of the charts.
Signal is now at the primary place on the App Store in India and at the time of writing on the quantity three place on Google Play due to this sudden increase in new downloads. Signal is reportedly at the highest position on Google Play prime charts in the areas of the US, the UK, Germany, Lebanon, and France. Signal is reportedly in third position on Google Play in Brazil and Singapore, much like the Indian market.
When Tesla’s Elon Musk advised his 41.9 million followers to use the signal, this movement of WhatsApp users switching on signals gained a lot. Even popular whistleblower Edward Snowden and CEO of Paytm Vijay Shekhar Sharma later tweeted to transmit the signal to their followers. Sharma said WhatsApp and Facebook are misusing their monopoly by snatching millions of their users from their privacy.
Signal announced that it was seeing a huge spurge in new registrations only one day after Musk’s post, resulting in verification code delays for few users of network carriers. This glitch was fixed soon after, however, and users should be able to sign up without any hiccups on Signal.
What remains to be seen is whether Signal continues to sustain the user exodus that has been caused by the shift in services from WhatsApp.
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