How To Use Signal Without Sharing Your Contacts?

Signal and other WhatsApp alternatives are experiencing a large number of downloads after WhatsApp revised its privacy policy, according to which the details of all WhatsApp users is mandatory to be shared with Facebook.
Sending encrypted messages was a problem only a few years back. Today, the condition is much healthier. A variety of common applications have come along that make it as simple to encrypt as texting. Signal is among the most stable, open-source iOS and Android software that has caught on among activists, journalists, and others who do sensitive work.
The app just demands the user’s phone number and makes no effort to monitor users, based on Signal’s privacy labels shown on the App Store.

How To Use Signal App Without Sharing Contacts?

  • Apparently, when signing up for the messenger, it also demands a contact list. Unlike other games, though, it’s not mandatory to give up your contact list. You may simply decline if Signal asks you to provide access to your contacts.
  • There are some downsides of not sharing your connections with Signal, however, such as you won’t know which friends of yours have entered the messaging app.
  • Alternatively, even if you haven’t shared your contacts, you can start a conversation with a person by searching for their phone number.
  • Another downside to not sharing your contact list is that once you offer access to contacts, you will not assign a name to them or edit contact details if you add a person by doing a phone number search.
  • Other than that, no limitations exist. Without providing your contacts, you can use Signal and all of its functionality.

Signal enables users to send community, text, image, audio and video messages encrypted end-to-end, and to make encrypted audio and video calls.
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