Siri Can Now Answer Questions About The COVID-19 : Apple

Siri will also provide updates on the COVID-19, and can even help you determine whether to seek medical treatment or just stay at home.
According to the report, if you ask the voice assistant to your iPhone, “Hey Siri, do I have the coronavirus?” or a variant of the question, the Apple assistant will ask you a series of questions to give you an unofficial answer.
Siri will instead warn those with non-life-threatening symptoms to stay home and avoid contact with others using the advice given by the Center for Disease Control and the United States Public Health Service, while those with more serious symptoms will be advised to consider calling 911.
In addition to providing a simple summary of symptoms, Siri’s coronavirus feature provides an App Store connection to tele-health apps that promises to “help you communicate from the comfort of your home with a health care provider.” The included apps were likely checked out by Apple’s App Store workers.
The question-and-answer flow is only available in the US for the time being, it would seem. Siri does not currently pose the same questions to U.K.-based users, but will include a connection to a U.K. information page instead. Governance website
Whether you’re an Android user, then Google also has a COVID-19 website with virus information as well as mitigation tips and local resources. Along with that knowledge, Google Assistant can also help.
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