Microsoft has some uplifting news for Skype clients on Linux today. On first February 2018 Canonical the organization behind Ubuntu, has declared the accessibility of Skype as a Snap file, the universal Linux app packaging format. The snap document works locally on all Linux conveyances that help snap packaging.

“Skype, and the ever growing number of snaps it joins, looks to put the Linux user first, allowing them to enjoy the latest versions upon release and provide a wider range of applications for users to choose from, Jamie Bennett Added”

The release implies that Skype can convey its correspondence, communication service to a more extensive scope of Linux users. Other than Ubuntu, this incorporates Arch Linux, Debian, Fedora, Linux Mint, Manjaro, OpenSUSE, Solus, and Ubuntu.

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What’s more, the Snap rollback highlight will give clients a chance to return to previous working adaptation in case of a bug. Microsoft and Canonical have made Skype simpler than any time in recent memory to install. This comes a time after Canonical has bundled up two other famous projects – the Spotify and the Slack – in snap.

“There is the added benefit of security. The installations are more secure. They are sandboxed using container protocols,” Dandrea said.


Snaps are containerised software bundles. They’re intended to work safely inside any Linux environment crosswise over the desktop, the cloud, and IoT gadgets. A large number of Snaps have been propelled since 2016.

It isn’t a manual procedure on the end client’s system. It is straightforward to Microsoft too. Clients can assume that the Skype establishment wouldn’t meddle with some other application on their system.

“Users no longer have to worry about what version is running. Microsoft doesn’t have to worry about people running old versions,” said Dandrea.

If you want to install Skype, simply enter the following in Ubuntu 16.04;

  • Open up a Terminal Window.
  • Type the command sudo snap install skype
  • Type your Password.
  • Its Installed