Snapchat To Take On TikTok Style By Adding Music To Snaps

Eventually, Snapchat will let you add music to the videos you ‘re capturing, making it the new social app to take on TikTok by providing the opportunity to embed popular songs.

The new app, announced Monday, makes Snapchat the latest platform to compete with TikTok in social media.

Users will be able to add songs to their snaps before or after they start shooting with the update. Snapchat is working with music companies including Warner Music Group, Warner Chappell, Universal Music Publishing Company, representatives of NMPA publishers and Merlin on the new feature , which allows users to pick songs from a music library to add to their messages.

As friends open one of the new music snaps they will be able to swipe up to see the album cover, the song title and the name of the artist.

There’ll also be a link to “Play This Album.” When pressed, it will open a web view of Linkfire that will allow users to listen to the full song and not a sample on their favorite music streaming site, such as Spotify , Apple Music or SoundCloud.

Snapchat said the app will be introduced to English-speaking users, and according to a source, it has already begun testing the app in Australia and New Zealand. The launch in India is yet to take place.

Snapchat doesn’t have the core features of TikTok such as lip syncing or re-mixing videos. But the music element will draw the young crowd even more.

The software was banned in India late June, along with 58 other devices of Chinese origin. In the US, President Trump has threatened to clamp down on TikTok over growing fears regarding data privacy.

In the US TikTok is facing an uncertain future. Allegedly Microsoft is working on a contract but the details are yet to be chiseled out.

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