South Korea In The Processing Of Switching From Windows 7 To Linux

In the meantime, South Korea wants to switch government computers to Linux-based software, trenching Windows. As the Ministry of the Interior and Safety of South Korea believes, moving away from Microsoft Windows would reduce costs and reduce dependency on a single operating system.
With the end of technical support for Windows 7 starting at the end of this year, the South Korean government will be transitioning to Linux-based operating systems the machines used in its central government, local governments and public institutions.
Microsoft will stop releasing security patches to the general public after that date, while enterprise customers will have to pay extra for Extended Support Updates (ESUs).
Where Windows ESUs price increases over time, beginning at $50 per Windows 7 Pro computer between January 2020 and January 2021.
The price per device increases to $100 the next year, and $200 the following year for each unit. Prices are lower for Microsoft 365 customers, however prices still rise over time.
The Ministry of the Interior wants to test, before moving from Microsoft to Linux in the government-wide implementation, whether the program can be run on private networked devices without any security risks. It’s also about deciding whether compatibility with current websites can be accomplished.
While Linux is free for anyone, including governments, switching to a Linux-based OS isn’t a cost-free undertaking. But the Ministry expects it will cost a whopping $655 million US to turn to Linux. Mainly for the cost of implementing, upgrading and buying new PCs.
If South Korea ends up converting to Linux or not we son don’t expect change before 2020 and it’s good that those in charge at least consider Linux as a viable, practical choice.
But we’ve already seen a lot of companies moving from Windows 10 to Linux to cut costs. But when it comes to device compatibility it can sometimes turn the table around. So let’s just wait and see how things are going.
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