Whether you are cleaning carpeting, hard flooring, upholstered furniture, or other surfaces in your home, steam cleaning can be an affordable, effective option.
Along with eliminating the need for toxic cleaning chemicals, this cleaning method also helps kill bacteria. Best of all, it accomplishes this in a way that is both affordable and eco-friendly

A Closer Look At Steam Cleaning

As you might guess, steam cleaners work by heating up water to the point that it turns into steam. Typically, they raise the temperature of the water to a minimum of 200°. As the steam is generated, it is forced out of the steam cleaner through a specialized attachment, eventually coming in contact with the surface that is being cleaned.

As the steam exits, it attacks any dirt or grime on the surface, helping to break it up and loosen it. At the same time, it also disinfects the surfaces that it comes in contact with, eliminating more than 99% of bacteria, mold, and other common contaminants found in homes.

Special microfiber cloths are used in conjunction with the attachment to help make the cleaning process more effective. They consolidate the steam into a small area, preventing it from escaping into the air. This makes it far more effective at cleaning the surfaces that it comes in contact with according to cleaning pros, Connect Cleaners.

The Advantages Of Steam Cleaning

From an environmental standpoint, steam cleaning is the ultimate cleaning method. After all, it only relies on water, eliminating the need for potentially harmful chemicals.
From a health standpoint, steam cleaning also shines. When you use traditional cleaning products, a small amount of residue is left behind on the surfaces that you clean. Unfortunately, this residue can cause everything from skin irritation to long-term illnesses, depending on how toxic it is and how much of it you are exposed to. This can be particularly problematic for children and pets – especially since they spend so much time coming in contact with the floors in your home.
Steam cleaning can also be effective for pest control. Studies have shown that it is capable of killing everything from bedbugs and dust mites to fleas. Dust mites are notorious for triggering allergies. Getting rid of these tiny creatures can help minimize allergy symptoms inside your home.
Removing as many allergens as possible from your house can also help decrease the chances of your child or children winding up with asthma. Excessive allergen exposure at a young age can make children more likely to develop this health condition. When you steam clean the surfaces in your home, you can help get rid of allergens, improving the health of your family.
Finally, steam cleaning can save you a lot of money by eliminating the need to buy cleaning products. Instead of having to fill your cabinets with cleaners, you can use one simple tool to clean your entire home.


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