Surface Duo SDK Released By Microsoft On macOS And Linux

For its upcoming Android-based Surface Duo device for Windows 10 developers, Microsoft has announced the Surface Duo SDK, releasing that and an emulator for Windows.

Microsoft has now finally announced that SDK is available on the macOS platform too. On top of that, Microsoft also introduced software for the Linux platform from the official download page.

The Surface Duo represent a new category of Microsoft devices. While some folding devices, such as the Samsung Galaxy Fold, are available, the Surface Duo adopts a different approach to multitasking. Instead of focusing on expanding apps to fill in a single larger screen, the Surface Duo runs side-by-side apps and can run various portions of apps on both of its displays.

The requirements for designing SDK should not be any different from what is expected for the Windows level. In any case, programmers will need to launch Android Studio’s most recent version before they can run the SDK and emulator over it.

Windows 10 PC and Mac users interested in developing a SDK Preview for the Surface Duo can download it here. Additionally, you can go to Microsoft Docs to check out the SDK and get additional information on dual-screen apps related to app development.

On the 11th of February the Surface Neo / Windows 10X SDK and recreation devices will be formally accessible. We can anticipate that the macOS and Linux forms should be available simultaneously as Windows with the see arrival of SDK on the macOS and Linux phases.

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