TCL’s Foldable Phone With Dual Hinges

TCL , one of the major TV manufacturer is now planning to introduce its new foldable phone in near future.

The Chinese tech firm, TCL foldable phone will fold in three parts wrapped together in three layers. The tri-fold design makes TCL’s foldable phone different from Samsung’s Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X unidirectional folding mechanism.

The design include ‘dual-hinge’ that open one hinge like other brands and the second hinge in the opposite direction that has a zigzag unfolding pattern almost like ‘Z’.

One portion of the screen can be used as a keyboard and other two could serve as a large display screen.

As per the reports and as a concept phone, we have no idea about the pricing,specifications or even launch date of the device.

The device is expected to have approximately 10-inches size when it is unfolded with a quad-camera setup.

The three screen folded up together makes the phone handy and use the first screen as the phone’s outer screen. The phone will comprise of USB-C charger port and Front-facing quad camera

Expanded screens with larger screen size enables an expansive display for watching videos,reading books or articles,gaming and other multitasking jobs.

The phone is expected to have a full HD OLED display with screen resolution with a bright and clear screen

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