TeamViewer Integrates With Microsoft Teams 2020

TeamViewer, a leading global provider of secure remote connectivity solutions, announced an integration with Microsoft Teams on Wednesday, allowing users to launch TeamViewer Remote Support and Augmented Reality ( AR) communications from within the teams.
The TeamViewer app is available for download from the Microsoft Teams Apps store. They can then log into their TeamViewer accounts, and exchange invitations from TeamViewer with their colleagues. These invitations can be exchanged in single-on-one calls as well as on community networks for remote control or AR connections.

“Remaining productive while working remotely has never been more important,” says Alfredo Patron Executive VP of Business Development at TeamViewer. “Microsoft Teams is used by all types of organizations worldwide for online meetings, collaboration and more. Embedding TeamViewer remote access and AR support will give Microsoft Teams users even more options to collaborate and increase productivity regardless of location.”

More importantly, thanks to the latest integration, users can connect directly from Microsoft Teams to those machines remotely, and thanks to AR-based support, they can monitor systems just as they would be at the front of the device. However, the incorporation of TeamViewer into Microsoft Teams is not open to us, as it includes a Corporate or Tensor license and a Pilot subscription.
Companies interested in allowing TeamViewer integration must contact the parent company to configure their license and enable their Teams clients to access the new functionality.
After the integration has been implemented, users of Microsoft Teams can control system groups that they can access, share devices with team members and display their TeamViewer Dashboard as a personal tab, offering an overview of all active sessions, link history and helpful user guide.
TeamViewer says users are given cross-platform support anywhere they run Microsoft Teams, so essentially, the latest functionality is available on Windows , macOS , Android and iOS.
Though TeamViewer is free for private use it has over 500,000 subscribers worldwide. TeamViewer’s software has been installed on more than 2.2 billion devices worldwide since its inception in 2005.
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