Telegram Messenger

Despite the fact that WhatsApp rules with regards to client numbers, Telegram Messenger has an exceptionally solid and steadfast after. Seen as a more secure errand person application, Telegram Messenger has a large group of inventive and helpful features that won’t not be as obvious for everybody. The most recent update is 4.0 version which includes two major feature – Telegram Telescope and Telegram video messages. Alongside this update, Telegram likewise included Payments for Bots and the Telegram Instant View Platform.

In this article we will show you the 5 Best Telegram Messenger Tips and Tricks.

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1.Managing Pop-up Notifications

While some may turn off message previews, clients who are visit texters may discover the alternative of empowering pop-up notifications very helpful, as it enables one to answer reply from the home screen. This can be empowered through “Settings” > “Notifications and Sounds” > “Pop-up Notifications”.

2.Locking Your Chats

Telegram incorporates an implicit element to locally lock the chats with a password that confines the unapproved access to your chats. To set a password lock, go to Settings > Privacy and Security > Passcode Lock, and afterward enable it. To manually lock chats, tap on the Lock Button on the application’s home page.

3.Reading Messages while Offline

This is an extremely cool alternative that enables you to comprehend what’s up without responding promptly on the grounds that, through this choice, you can read messages without seeming Online and without letting the sender even realize that you’ve perused the message! Basically turn off your Wi-Fi or set your gadget to Airplane Mode, at that point open Telegram Messenger and read the message. In the wake of perusing, leave the application, and turn on web access to continue your earlier exercises – and nobody’s the more astute that you’ve perused the message yet.

4.Sending Mute Messages

Utilize this feature and send messages that don’t make a notification sound on the beneficiary’s device. You simply need to tap on the bell in the content space to mute messages. You must use these one of a kind tips and traps of the Telegram Messenger to improve your experience.

5.Creating A Supergroup Telegram Messenger

The SuperGroup include on Telegram can hold 1000 individuals in a group. To begin a superGroup you simply need to tap on “New message” symbol and select “New Group”. You have the freedom to dole out yourself or some else as the group admin. Once a supergroup has been made, it can’t be turned back.


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