Terraria Server

A Terraria server gives a platform to players to associate over the web or other network for multiplayer games. Terraria developers reported help for Linux, which implies that players can have their own independent Terraria servers.

Setting up your very own server implies that you have authority over modifying the in-game time. You can without much of a stretch set up a server through a hosting service.

While the game gives a simple alternative to setting up a snappy multiplayer session by means of the Host and Play mode, this doesn’t take into account a constant online world as the game session is shut when the host player leaves the game.

How To Build Terraria Server?

  • First open Terraria install folder. In game through Steam, the default installation location should be C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Terraria.
  • Once done open TerrariaServer.exe to launch the server config window and bring up a list of all available worlds.
  • If the list is empty you need to create one by type n into the command line and press the enter key.
  • Now your world is created, now you will be prompted to set a size 3=large, 2=medium, and 1=smalland name the world.

Next you need to select the world from the server and select choose world field. Then, you can make the following configurations:

  • You need to set maximum number of players and you can set a specific number of players other than the server cap. By default Terraria server is eight players .
  • Next you need to set port. Make sure you set different port unless your plan is to run multiple servers. You can also enable port forwarding by pressing Y and if you don’t wish to use it then press N.
  • Then set Password and its not mandatory to set password. You can continue the process through the process without typing anything in the password field.

Once you are done, the world will be complete and playable to those you have connected to the server. To connect to the server from the computer that is hosting, do the following:

  • Launch Terraria like you would usually and select Multiplayer then join using the IP address.
  • Now select the character you want to be and you will be prompted to put in the IP address, type in or localhost.

But if you are trying to the server via a different computer, you’ll need to follow different steps below.

  • Launch Terraria as usual and select Multiplayer, then select the character that you want to use.
  • When prompted for the IP address, you will type in the global IP address for the router which the PC server is connected to.

All that is left to do is make the most of your new committed server.

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