Hack A Tesla Model 3 And Get $1M Cash And Prizes

For vehicle security, the electric car manufacturer Tesla is raising the ante. As per the report, at the annual Pwn2Own hacking competition to be held for Vancouver in March of this year, Elon Musk will give $1 million and a free car as bug bounty incentives to hackers.

“Driving off with a brand-new Model 3 will be a harder challenge this year, which means the potential rewards will be much higher as well. Microsoft also returns as partner and VMware returns as a sponsor with their somewhat more traditional Pwn2Own targets. All told, more than $1,000,000 USD in cash and prizes are available to contestants, including the new Tesla car.” ZDI said in a press release.

Tesla also went to Vancouver last year for Pwn2Own, a hacking competition run by Zero Day Initiative (ZDI) of Trend Micro. It gave a Model 3 to anyone who succeeds in identifying and exploiting those flaws in vehicle system.

And One hacking group concentrated on Tesla’s Model 3 infotainment system and hacked into “a JIT flaw in the renderer” to take control of the system and walk away with a new Model 3. Such types of hacking events enable the electric automaker to check as well as improve their security systems, according to the source.

In this year’s hacking competition, Tesla is giving three levels of rewards to hackers who can locate bugs on their fleet’s best-selling car, the Model 3.

So first if a person can absolutely compromise a Tesla Model 3, as part of the Tier 1 prizes, he or she will get a brand-new Tesla Model 3. In addition to the car, ZDI will also be awarding the person a cash prize of $500,000.

The contestant will need to pivot through multiple systems in the car to qualify for the Tier 1 award, which means they will need a complex exploit chain to get arbitrary code execution on three different sub-systems in the vehicle.

In addition to the free car and $5,00,000 payout, the contestant may also earn an additional $2,00,000 payout for hacking areas like Infotainment Root Persistence, Autopilot Root Persistence, and Arbitrary Control Of The Can-Bus.

A story appeared earlier this month in separate news that CEO Elon Musk said the electric carmaker will build a potential car for worldwide use in China.

He noted that Tesla should introduce a design and development company to the nation that has the world’s second-largest economy, but did not have comprehensive timeframes.

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