The Computer Mouse

A YouTuber has fabricated a completely functional PC inside a mouse utilizing a Raspberry Pi Zero, named as The Computer Mouse .

While the YouTuber’s who passes by ‘Electronic Grenade’, unique arrangement was to squeeze a Raspberry Pi within an ordinary PC mouse, however was not able do as such because of size limitations.

Consequently, he 3D printed a PC mouse to fit the parts of the PC inside the mouse.

“I thought ‘what if you try and put a Raspberry Pi inside a computer mouse instead?’ and then I thought, ‘what if you add a screen and a keyboard to make it basically an entire laptop from a mouse?’,”YouTuber said.

The gadget comprises of a Raspberry Pi Zero W PC, a 1.5-inch color OLED LCD show with a goal of 128 x 128 pixels, a 3D-printed mouse, a battery-powered 500 mAh battery, and a modest Bluetooth retractable keyboard for text inputs and increasingly confused commands combined with 512MB RAM.

It additionally has a power button at the edge to begin the modest PC. Further, it runs GNU/Linux-based working operating systems, for example, Raspbian.

“This is a completely functional computer inside a totally 100% completely normal sized mouse. Basically, I designed a mouse in fusion360 and printed it out and added a Raspberry Pi Zero, a 1.5in screen, a battery and a keyboard,” explained the YouTuber.

In any case, don’t anticipate that it should do substantial heavy tasks considering the The Computer Mouse has a 1GHz, single-core CPU with 512MB of RAM.

You can really utilize the mouse to move an on-screen cursor on the 1.5 inch display.

Without a doubt, the screen will move as the mouse does, however the mouse is sufficient touchy that you don’t have to move it extremely far so there’s not a great deal of screen movement to become acclimated to.

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