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Microsoft has followed through on its plans convey the Windows 10 Timeline feature to Google Chrome.

Windows 10 Timeline was propelled right around one year back with April 2018 Update and the discretionary feature enables you to follow what documents, site pages you’ve been taking a shot at as of late.

Already it was constrained to Microsoft’s Edge browser on the browsing history side, however at this point Microsoft has released its own official Chrome extension for Windows Timeline.

The new chrome extension will adjust and demonstrate your Chrome browsing history crosswise over Windows 10 gadgets so you can utilize the implicit Timeline viewer.

“With this extension, your browsing history will appear across all your devices in surfaces such as in Windows timeline and Microsoft Launcher for Android. Just sign in with your Microsoft account, select a site you’ve recently visited, and pick up where you left off,” Microsoft Stated.

So it implies copy of your browsing history will be sent to Microsoft’s servers, opening up potential security concerns. Google has its own specific manner to synchronize browsing history between Chrome sessions, including the capacity to see tabs on different gadgets.

“As we move into planning for future development, we are focusing on yet another Insider request: add support for more apps in Timeline. Browser support was especially high on our Insider’s wish list – which lead to the recent introduction of our Chrome extension. Now, Timeline can now bring together even more activities,” Microsoft’s Timeline engineers stated in the blog post.

As noted above, Timeline is a discretionary feature and it tends to be turned off Settings > Privacy > Activity History where you need to uncheck two choices.

Timeline of events originally showed up in the April 2018 Update and increased a few enhancements in the October 2018 Update, including Microsoft Launcher for Android support.

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