Android Phones

Your Android smartphone was really quick when you initially got it, however it will begin to get slower as the times go. This is a typical issue, in this article we will furnish you with top 5 Tips And Tricks To Speed Up Your Android Phones.

1. Uninstall The Unused Application

Applications that you’re not utilizing frequently are simply consuming up storage space and put a burden on the device. Uninstalling such applications would be a shrewd move in the way to accelerate Android phones. This won’t just get out the application’s files yet will stop running in the background utilizing memory space and processor.


  • Open Settings on your phone.
  • Select Apps and click the application that you are looking to uninstall.
  • Select UNINSTALL and confirm by clicking OK.

2. Clear App Cache

Applications are continually catching small pieces of data, attempt to evacuate the cached data for applications that we don’t require all the time. Clearing the cached data, now and then, helps in making the application more smoother as it expels old information.

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This technique is useful on account of big applications like Facebook, Instagram, Skype and so on, which store huge amounts of pictures and other information on your gadget. When you clear the cache you won’t lose any of your imperative information.

  • Open Settings on your phone.
  • Select Apps and click the application you are clear the CACHE.
  • Select CLEAR CACHE.

3. Turn Off Animations

Animations are given different visual impacts on the screen when you work. Influencing it to work speedier in some sensing the movements aren’t streaming so well any longer, turning them off totally will both look better and free into a bit of processing power.

  • Open Settings on your phone.
  • Select Developer options and click on Windows animation scale and select “Animation off”.
  • Repeat the same for Transition animation scale and Animator duration scale

4. If Available, Install light versions of Application

A considerable lot of the popular applications have ‘lite’ versions. Take a stab at installing the lite version to keep things simple on your smartphone and for phone with restricted memory and capacity.

5. Keep Your Android Phones Up To Date

The newest version for Android phones accompanies different execution changes and bug fixes. So dependably ensure your smartphone is up to date.

  • Open Settings on your phone.
  • Select About Phone and the  select System Updates.


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