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In recent days there is an increased number of online attacks which has become a serious threat for most online businesses. It has certainly increased the need for security. This is where the SSL certificate came into existence.

What is an SSL Certificate?

The secure socket layer is abbreviated as SSL. The SSL certificate connects the computer with a server that is secure enough to handle. The SSL certificate is used to secure information like credit card transactions, personal information, banking details and tax information of any business server.

Now let us have a look at the leading SSL providers in the market,

There are numerous SSL certificate providers, most of them are similar they may vary in terms of packages they offer. You can opt for any one of them based on your requirement. To help you out to choose the best provider I have come up with a list of leading features,

Here is a list of SSL Providers for your consideration:


SSL2BUY leads the list as the provider is an authorized reseller of SSL certificates. The reseller provides different types of SSL/TLS certificates. The reseller also provides 24/7 tech support, server license, 2048-bit CSR encryption and SHA-2 enabled.

The SSL certificate for a single domain starts at a price rate of $9 and wildcard SSL certificate at the cheapest rate of $40 per year.

The SSL2BUY also provides the cheapest price guarantee on the following wildcard certificates:

  • AlphaSSL Wildcard starts from $ 40 per year
  • Comodo Positive SSL Wildcard at $49 per year
  • RapidSSL Wildcard starts from $70 per year

You can avail these premium services from SSL2BUY. Take full advantage of a very lowest price and you would definitely get the best support at such a price.


Comodo is also a leading SSL certificate provider in the market. These sellers target small and medium-sized online businesses offering them the best price in the market. They also provide return back policies and exclusive staff support for their clients and customers.

The seller also provides SSL certificates with real-time verifications that can be done before purchasing the certificate. The certificate provides high-level security to its users with 2048-bit signatures and with 256-bit encryptions keys.

#3 Go Daddy:

Go Daddy is an established company well known for providing hosting services. They are also well known for SSL protection. They provide certifications like DV, OV, EV-SSL Certificate and even SH2 along with bit encryption of 2048 bits. They are guaranteed with McAfee’s “Secure” Trust mark.

Go Daddy’s wildcard is available at a rate of $269.99 per year.

Provided on availing an EV-SSL Certificate for your website, your domain URL will be provided with a green padlock symbol which is a sign of security that builds trust among your users.

#4 DigiCert:

DigiCert provides you the best service and lets you select the best wildcard SSL certificate for your online business. DigiCert is offered at a rate of $475 per year.

DigiCert is widely used by multinational companies a few of them are Microsoft, Yahoo, AT&T,, Facebook, NASA, and Core Logic.

DigiCert provides 2048-bit SSL certificates at a reasonable price that every user finds it more reliable and effective to secure their online business.

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The is one of the leading certificates issuing authority that offers a wide range of wildcard SSL certificates. The biggest advantage of is that they secure unlimited sub-domains and even helps to install the same certificate on multiple servers.

The certificate enables about 2048/4096-bit SHA-2 public key encryption and follows high assurance examining the process. This is done in order to improve the conversion rates of businesses as well as increase trust ability among customers and clients. offers wildcard certificates at a rate of $224.25 per year.

#6 Network Solutions:

Network Solutions is well known for its cheapest yet a quality freaking service to its clients. The SSL certificates at Network Solutions are offered at a very low price for a period of time.

For example, the Network Solutions nsProtect Secure Express is offered at $49 for a period of four years which is really amazing. This plan is something really low when compared to any other SSL resellers. Network Solutions provides 256-bit encryption and with an excellent 24/7 support.

Getting the right SSL certificate installed for a flawless service, you need to choose one among these 6 SSL resellers. You can find numerous service providers who could provide inexpensive services, but it is much more important to make sure that the level of service is genuine enough to meet your business needs.

There are providers who hype the type of services they provide but they will never be able to provide an excellent support. The providers mentioned above are trustable and can provide you services at the richest with an affordable price.  Test them with an assurance of getting the perfect service for your online business.

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