Internet surfaced as the new and boundless battleground in 2017. The previous year has seen a standout among the most wrecking cyberattacks that influenced a wide assortment of worldwide divisions, including budgetary, geopolitical and innovation ranges.
The previous year saw the rise of a few beforehand obscure, world-class programmer masses, whose battles have wreaked destruction internationally and brought on widescale freeze among the tech group.
While some groups launched targeted DDoS attacks, focusing on harvesting data from tech giants, others operated long-term espionage campaigns that attempted at toppling political and national infrastructures.

Top 5 hackers Groups that made the Invisible Internet as a Background

Here are the top 5 élite hacker groups believed.

The Kremlin hackers – Fancy Bear and Cozy Bear

Throughout the US presidential elections, Russian state-sponsored hackers featured prominently in allegations Putin’s government was interfering with the elections.

Fancy Bear

The Fancy Bear programmer assemble – which is otherwise called APT 28, Sednit, Sofacy and Pawn Storm, among others – stood out as truly newsworthy this year after security scientists recognized the gathering as being in charge of leading the prominent hack of the Democratic National Committee (DNC).
The gathering is accepted to be the subsidiary of the Russia’s Main Intelligence Agency (GRU).

Cozy Bear

The Cozy Bear hacking bunch, which is likewise accepted to be required in the DNC hack, are thought to be a different unit of Kremlin programmers, supposedly partnered with the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB – the successor of the scandalous KGB). The danger performers are likewise accepted to have propelled long haul cyberespionage crusades, went for get-together delicate knowledge.
The danger performers are likewise accepted to have propelled long haul cyberespionage crusades, went for get-together delicate knowledge.
In the months paving the way for the US presidential decisions, security analysts revealed that the hacking gathering was focusing on unmistakable Washington-construct think tanks which center in light of Russia.
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Shadow Brokers NSA cyberweapons hack

In August, the strange programmer assembles named Shadow Brokers guaranteed obligation about taking and releasing National Security Agency (NSA) cyberweapons.
The gathering asserted to have hacked the NSA first class programmer mass known as the Equation Group, just to take capable hacking devices and put them available to be purchased on the dim web (a scrambled the web arrange).
The assault stood out as truly newsworthy, highlighting how even the most infamous government insight offices on the planet could conceivably be focused by cybercriminals.

Cyber thieves hacking banks

The year 2016 saw a few prominent bank hacks, which prompted too many of pounds stolen by programmers.
Albeit the greater part of the examinations about the worldwide bank hacks stay progressing, with next to zero new intel on the personality of the programmer bunches in charge of the burglaries, digital hoodlums assumed an unmistakable part in sloping up cybercrime this year.
The Bangladesh Bank hack best the rundown of the most striking assaults. Be that as it may, it has been a bustling year for digital hoodlums.
Programmers even hit ATMs around the globe, sending modified malware to trap machines into releasing a lot of money. ATMs in Thailand and Taiwan, among others, were influenced.


OurMine is an elite hacker group known for many hacks showing vulnerabilities in major systems.OurMine has hacked celebrity internet accounts to advertise their commercial services
OurMine hacked the Twitter accounts of Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales,[6] Pokémon Go creator John Hanke,[7][8] Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey,[9] Google CEO Sundar Pichai,[10] and Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg, whose Pinterest was also hacked.


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