Top 5 Tech Jobs

IT industries are Blooming day by day that keep focusing on new technologies with a various platform which creates more job opportunities based on the new skills and idea that you are going to explore into the technology world.

Top IT industries are working on various new innovation by applying the smart skills that gathered from the technology experts and engineers.

Based on the 2017 technology involvement around the globe these all are the top 5 hottest job that will be going to rule the 2018 technology growth  which creates more job opportunities based on the new skills and idea that you are going to explore the technology world Intellipaat certification training institute offers courses in over 150 tools and technologies.

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1.Machine learning Experts

Machine learning and artificial intelligence skill are will be going to rule the core part of how we learn, work, and interact every day and how we get information served up to us.

IoT Development is increasing that will working for basic human needs especially collect more data about weather, traffic, etc.

So upcoming days machine learning skills are dramatically needed to focus on the accuracy of the global technology improvement and machine learning jobs will be playing a major role in the current and future technology growth.

2.Cyber Security Engineers/Analysts

Cyber Attacks are rapidly evolving day by day which causes many critical damaged for all kind of organization that belongs to technology.

Many companies are suffering from lacking cyber security Professionals where they cant even satisfied the basic cybersecurity posture.

Based on the cybercrime around the world, industries are eagerly needed many cybersecurity experts to keep running their business smooth.

Based on the servery, by 2020 more than 1 million security professional is needed for the satisfied the rapid cybercrime that going to taken place for both organization and individuals.

3.Business Intelligence Analyst

Business intelligence analysts need experience in database technology, analytics, and reporting tools; businesses typically look for candidates with a bachelor’s degree in computer science, information systems or engineering.

You’ll want to hire someone with the right skills to understand your business’ data needs and then communicate those to stakeholders. It’s a role with growing importance as business needs pivot to relying on harvesting and making sense of data.

4.Data scientist

While you need a BI analyst to help understand and communicate data patterns from a business perspective, a data scientist is a person who helps gather, process and analyze data. They should also be skilled in communicating those findings and offering recommendations to others in the business.

According to Glassdoor, the current U.S. average salary for a data scientist is $118,709, but it varies widely based on a number of factors. One major factor that will determine salary levels is your actual title and relevant job skills and responsibilities

5.Database Developer

When hiring a database developer, you’ll want to look for candidates who demonstrate analytical and problem-solving skills. Since they’ll be responsible for developing and managing enterprise databases, you’ll want to go into hiring with a clear idea of what skills you’re hiring for, and what type of developer will best suit your needs.

Skills and experience to look for:

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science or database experience
  • Experience with enterprise database programs like Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle or IBM DB2
  • Certifications such as Microsoft Certified Database Administrator or Oracle Database Administrator Certified Professional

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