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Over time, Windows systems can slow down. A slower PC will take longer to open Files and Folders, programs will not shut down quickly as they used to be, delay logins and so on. In that case your PC needs some extra care. Upgrading your hardware at times can be expensive. Some Windows features can be utilized to improve overall system performance. In this article, we will see how we can speed up Windows PC and improve its performance with the existing hard-wares.

To Speed Up Windows PC

1. Disabling StartUp Programs

Most Windows users might have lots of apps and features loaded when their PC or Laptops start. This might be one of the reasons that make your machine slow. You can disable unnecessary programs from loading at startup using the Task manager >> StartUp tab.

Launch Task Manager by using any of these options :

–By pressing Ctrl+Shift+Esc

–Ctrl+Alt+Del and select Task Manager

–Right click the lower-right corner of your screen and select Task Manager.

To stop a program from launching at startup, right-click on it and select Disable. Later you can enable it as well, if you wish to.

2. Disable Windows Animations And Visual Effects

Windows has animations and some visual effects to look great. These include animations when minimizing or maximizing windows, fade effects, and font smoothing. Disabling them will free up some resources and will enhance the performance.

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You can enable or disable animations to improve the performance. To do so, Go to This PC >> right-click and then Properties >> Advanced System Settings >> Select Settings From Performance option >> Select Adjust for best performance. You can also select Custom and choose from the listed options.

Speedup Windows

3. Use High-Performance Mode To Improve PCs Performance

Changing your power plan from Power saver to High performance or Balanced will give you an instant increase in performance. The CPU can utilize its maximum potential, while the high-performance mode prevents various components like hard drives, WiFi cards, etc. from going into power saving modes. Always keep your Laptop connected to the charger while using High Performance Mode since the constant power supply enhances performance.

To Enable High-Performance Mode

Launch Control Panel >> then select Hardware and Sound >> Power Options. Mostly you will see two options: Balanced (recommended) and Power saver. Click the down arrow under Show additional plans to see the High performance option.


Speedup Windows4. Scan For Virus and Malware

On the off chance that your PC drastically slowed down all of a sudden, your PC might have a malware infection. Your slow PC might be due to some hidden fishy applications that takes up CPU and system resources. Run a scan to find such threats. You should regularly scan your PC for malware, either by using Windows Defender (Windows 10) or using some third-party antivirus tools. This helps in making your PC work faster.

 5. Restart your Windows

Some programs might hold onto resources they are never again utilizing, like memory or disk space. Restarting or shutting down your PC at regular interim clears the system memory, stops any processes that might be taking up resources. It additionally slaughters all the misbehaving processes to speed up your Windows PC.

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