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Top 5 World's Best Female Hackers of All Time


We have always heard of male hackers and the fact is that majority of hacking experts are predominantly men.

But what about female hackers? Who would have thought that women could as well enter into this field and master the skill of hacking.?

Many Female also have Extrodinory Skills With Programming and Advance Hacking Techniques who can even have Equal Hacking Skills same as Male Hackers.
Here We are going to see about Top 5 Worlds Best Female Hackers and their Intellegant skills in Hacking World.

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#1: Kristina Vladimirovna Svechinskaya

She is  Russian money mule hacker.( transfers money acquired illegally) A student of the New York University.
She is Best Know as Hacking Several  US Bank and British Banks using  Zeus trojan horse to attack thousands of bank accounts and opened at least five accounts in Bank of America and Wachovia which received $35,000 (£22,000) of money theft.
It is estimated that with nine other people Svechinskaya had skimmed $3 million in total. Svechinskaya was dubbed by the media “the world’s sexiest computer hacker”

#2: Parisa Tabriz

she is  an Iranian-Polish-American computer security expert and Most Intellegent Female Hacker and she is Hiring by Google to Hack the Google Products.
Now she is works for Google as an information security manager and “Security Princess”.
She is one of the Reason for Google Crome to have Highly security Futures..
She manages Google’s information security engineering team at Google, which is responsible for improving Google’s product security. This team of “hired hackers” conducts security review the Google Product.
Parisa Tabriz has Extrodinory Skills in Computer Programming and Hacking . she is one of the Top 30 People Under 30 To Watch in the Security Industry

#3: Raven Adler

Raven Adler recognized as one of the most intelligent hackers in the world, Raven Adler graduated high school at just 14 and got her college degree at 18.
She was the first female to give a presentation at DefCon, one of the worlds most prestigious gatherings of hackers.
When asked about her appearance at DefCon, she often replies that she would like to be known for her work, not for being a female in the field.
Currently, Adler specializes in securing data from end-to-end, and this has made her invaluable to both private and public organizations looking to protect sensitive information.

#4: Adeanna Cook

Most of the world recognizes Adeanna Cooke as an international model regularly featured in Playboy, but her fans are often surprised to hear that she is also a well-established hacker and amateur computer programmer.
When her images were illegally used to make money by her long-time partner, Cooke took on the project of protecting her images and hacked the website to remove all of the stolen property.

#5 : Xiao Tian

she is a power hacker that come from china. one of the World most Fomous Hacker from  china’s Biggest Hacking Group” Cn Girl Security Team
She is a Leader of Biggest Chinese  Hacking Group which is having more than 2,200 female hackers.
Tian explained, she started the group because she felt that there should be a place for girls like her, who felt excluded from the crowded world of hackers who think that women do not have enough skills to be useful.
along with the group Xiao Tian hackernya break male dominance in the world of hacking. They target the celebrity status that carried by the hackers in China as well as opening opportunities ‘career’ that arouse available to hackers who have a high reputation.
They target the celebrity status that carried by the hackers in China as well as opening opportunities ‘career’ that arouse available to hackers who have a high reputation.


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