SIM Card Directs Your Mobile Data Through Tor

We, as a whole are always on our smartphones, however perhaps you need to visit that site or watch that web-based social media account without uncovering more data on where you are. Likewise, we should be additional cautious when you are perusing on the web, as it’s extremely hard to keep up protection out there.
Indeed, even ISP or VPN provider can in fact keep a log of everything that you do on the web. So what to do?
Tor Enabled Sim will be just alternative to secure online security. Brass Horns Communications, a UK-based non-profit network access supplier that spotlights on privacy and anti-surveillance services, has a response to this.
The organization is right now beta-testing a SIM card that will naturally cause your information through Tor, consequently securing on the web securely and dodging surveillance.
“This is about sticking a middle finger up to mobile filtering, mass surveillance. The key point is that it is a failsafe, if you don’t have Tor up then nothing can get to the internet,” said Gareth Llewelyn, founder of Brass Horn Communications.
The new SIM card, which is still in a beta testing stage. It requires some setup clients need to make another passage name on their gadget basically so the gadget can interface with the new system, however Brass Horn gives a few guidelines to do this.
The SIM additionally requires about to be installed and running on the gadget itself, and it presently just works in the UK. Further, just applications that have an intermediary highlight, similar to Twitter, are perfect.
Likewise, it is accessible just for Android clients. The Tor-SIM card will cost £2.00 every month for a prepaid account. Further, £0.025 will be charged for per Megabyte (MB) transferred over the network.
Payment can be done in advance whenever utilizing a credit card like Visa, Mastercard, or cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Z Cash or Monero.
It is still in beta testing stage and right now works in the UK only. The organization intends to make it accessible to the general population by 2019.
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