Have you misplaced your iPhone? You may not get back your device quickly until you know how to track it from an Android device. Whether you have lost the iPhone or it is stolen, you need to be quick enough to find it. If you delay in searching for the device, you will find it challenging enough to track it and find it eventually. The iPhone is your precious possession, so losing it can turn you upside down. However, you should not give up hope when you have an Android device. For instance, using the TTSPY tracker app that functions on smartphones and tablets using Android as well as iPhones or iPad allows you to track the device quickly.
Here are a few ways you can track the iPhone from Android.

  1. Find My Device

The Android users can connect with the Google service, which is called Find My Device. You can link it with the Google account and find the device. Besides this, you will also get the opportunity to lock the device, reset the pin from a remote location, and to erase the data stored in it. Furthermore, you can use this Google service to create a message for recovering the device or add a phone number to the lock screen to enhance the chances of recovery. Apart from this, you can also ask your device to play music in a specific time to ensure that it is in a nearby location. When it comes to the latest version of this service, you can get support for using it indoors and facilitate in finding the device in malls, airports, and other significant buildings.

  1. Find My iPhone

The Find MY iPhone service can be used to locate only iOS mobile phones and Mac computers when you lose them and want to track the location immediately. This service can be activated through the iCloud account of the owner. From an Android phone, you have to log onto the browser to go to iCloud.com. However, an Android mobile browser does not support this website, so you need to track it differently. 
Just choose the menu from the three dots situated at the top right corner of the home screen and select a desktop site. You will find the display of the website just like it happens on your computer screen. Once you find the service Find My iPhone from the menu, you need to lock on the device you are searching. Choose three options for controlling or locating the device you have misplaced. 
Using Play Sound can help you find the device through a sound signal. After that, you need to activate the Lost Mode to prevent thieves from stealing your identity from the device or hacking it. Finally, use Erase iPhone option to erase the data of the device remotely.

  1. Trusted Contacts 

Google has removed the hindrances for tracking on different platforms and who better than Trusted Contacts program has facilitated this process. With the help of this app, you can track the iPhone from any Android device. Even though third-party apps are present for tracking through various platforms, the Trusted Contacts app associates with the existing Google account.

  1. Using Google account

If you have a Gmail account, you can locate the lost iOS device quickly. All you need is access the Incognito tab on a browser from your Android device. Log on to your account and choose the option Security. Now, you can scroll down to the option Your Devices and choose to Find a lost device to find a list all your devices associated with the Google account. Select the iPhone device you want to track and insert the Google password again for verification. Finally, you can choose from the following options such as Sign out on your phone, Find and lock your iPhone, Try calling your phone, or Find and lock your iPhone.
Using a GPS tracking app
The GPS tracking app is another trusted tool for tracking your iPhone and is compatible with Android and iOS as well. You can install a preferred GPS app that is compatible with the Android device. Use the app on your device to locate an iPhone when it is lost. All you need is to log on to the account from the Android device for tracking your phone. You may find a lot of other apps functioning similarly, but you need to check the merit of the app before using it to track your iPhone.


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