Twitter Rolls Out New Direct Messaging Feature: How To Use It?

Twitter has been working on a new direct messaging feature that is a copy of iMessage reactions feature from Apple. The app was in the stage of development and the company has finally rolled out the feature for its customers.

Reading receipts, typing indications, emoji reactions and web link samples to their direct messaging apps are the new direct messaging features The new functionality is available to all Web, Android and iOS users.

Using your usual set of emoji. All members in the direct message thread will receive a notification whenever a new reaction is added to a post, you may add a reaction to the direct messages. Those who don’t have the new Twitter app update will receive a separate message telling them about the reaction.

You just need to hover over the message to add a reaction user and then click the reaction button that is a heart and plus shape icon. Besides that, users can also double-tap on the message and choose a pop-up emoji.

Furthermore, users are allowed to undo a reaction at any time, and the same will be deleted from all participants ‘ post. In a chat, users can also test who all replied to the message by clicking on a reaction.

As well as launching a direct message search feature for iOS, Twitter has already started rolling out. For the past month, the app had been in a testing phase and the company had said it would only be compatible with your current direct messages.

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