Twitter’s Now Testing Notifications For Replies On Android & iOS

Twitter has a solution for any individual who’s at any point needed to follow a discussion without continually refreshing their applications. Back in March, according to the report Twitter was spotted trying a notification feature for replies on explicit Tweets. Presently, Twitter has authoritatively reported the test on iOS and Android.

According to the new test clients will most likely choose any tweet, from any client profile and be notified as the tweets develops. When you set your inclination here, you can get notifications whenever somebody answer to that particular tweet:

  • Top – Get the most interesting replies, including ones from the author, anyone they mentioned, and people you follow.
  • All – Get every new reply.
  • None – You won’t get any notifications when people reply.

Numerous individuals as of now have Twitter alert which will alert them through a pop-up message when an account they need to track conveys another tweet. Presently you’ll have the option to visit that tweet legitimately and turn on the option to get reply notifications instantly, on the off chance that you’ve selected in this new test.

On the off chance that you have the new feature, you’ll see a warning chime symbol in the upper right corner of the screen when you’re seeing the tweet in Twitter’s mobile application. This new element could likewise improve the quality of discussions by giving you a chance to concentrate exclusively on the fascinating replies.

According to the report improving replies is by all accounts an ongoing focus for Twitter, as it likewise acquainted the capacity with hidden replies and is trying threaded discussions on twitter. No official rollout date for the all clients has been reported at this point.

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