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Twitter is bringing back the reverse chronological feed option, which is the old method for showing tweets on a course of the timeline.

The organization says the move comes on acknowledgment of the way that Twitter is regularly most valuable in real time, especially amid live occasions, for example, sports games or the Oscars.

In any case, it would appear that the one change that has been changes is just getting inferred for iOS clients, however will take off for Android clients soon.

 “It’s our job to help you see the tweets that matter most to you, and we want your timeline to keep you informed about relevant conversations happening on Twitter.”Keith Colman, Twitter’s product lead said.


 How To Use The Reverse Chronological Feed Option?

  • You are first required to sign into your Twitter account and guarantee it is updated.
  • If you Twitter app is update then on the upper right corner, now shows up another gathering of stars which the organization calls Sparkle.
  • Tapping on the Sparkle option will enable you to see your course of timeline in reverse chronological order.

Clients additionally have the option to switch between the two feed types in the event that they are perusing Twitter by means of the desktop site.

They can change back to top tweets whenever by tapping the sparkle symbol and choosing a similar button.

The reverse chronological algorithmic timeline element, notwithstanding positioning tweets dependent on currency, also rated the tweets based on quality.

By and by, the social blogging platform indicated ‘top tweets’ on the best in the application while keeping whatever is left of the substance beneath not surprisingly.

The change is currently perpetual for all clients, with the symbol as of now being accessible in the official Twitter iOS application, in spite of the fact that Android and web clients should hold up until the point when the new year to see tweets all together.

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