Twitter Now Lets You Enable Two-Factor Authentication Without Your Phone Number

Twitter has changed its security settings to allow you to use two-factor authentication (2FA) without giving your phone number to the service, so users do not need to return their phone number and inbound SMS to the micro-blogging platform with login codes.

Despite numerous tales of people being hacked by their phone numbers and incoming SMS, it is obvious that SMS is simply not the right way to send secondary login codes to users.

Now the Twitter Safety team announced that without the need for a phone number, users will be able to enable two-factor authentication.

If you have sent your phone number to Twitter and you want to delete it, go to the settings in the app or on the website of Twitter and click on the “Account” button. Tap your phone number from here, then select the option to delete.

If you are currently using SMS as a 2FA method, you will be warned that it will be turned off by deleting it, so be sure to set up an alternative 2FA method such as an authentication app to use instead.

How To Enable 2-Factor Authentication Without Your Phone Number On Twitter?

  • Visit in your browser, go to Account section.
  • Now click on Security and click on Two-factor authentication.
  • You’ll be shown three different options:
    • Text message
    • Authentication app
    • Security key
  • Select Authentication app and a QR code will be generated to create your 2FA code.
  • Then after scanning the QR code, enter the six-digit number displayed in your app.

You do this without giving your phone number with the code for an incoming SMS.

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