How To Set Up A VPN On Kodi?

In this article we will guide you on how to setup a VPN directly on Kodi. VPNs are useful when online, to mask your identity. You run the risk of revealing your data to your Internet Service Provider (ISP), without a VPN.

Since your ISP has access to all of your data, including streaming data from your streaming activities, this is something you should remember.

Additionally, your ISP can also be able to sell your data to third parties for a profit depending on where you live. That’s definitely the case in the US. Additionally, VPNs will prevent hackers from hijacking your internet connection.

Kodi is an open-source media player that has many features to it. It helps users to play audio and video from the web and local sources. It can also be mounted on a number of computers.

It can be installed on Android devices, iOS devices, Mac computers, Windows computers and even computers running Linux. You will see a more full list of devices on the official Kodi website which the app is compatible with.

How To Installing a VPN Directly On Kodi?

You will need to install the Zomboided VPN Manager plugin to mount a VPN directly at Kodi. You will need to be subscribed to a VPN service for that addon to work. There are several VPN services out there so find the best one for you and subscribe if you haven’t already, based on your preferences.

To get setup with the VPN Manager, you must first go to the Zomboided Repo page to access the latest version of the Zomboided repository. The latest version of the repository must be downloaded from there. will be named after it.

  • That zip file can then be mounted in Kodi.
  • Open Kodi, head to the Add-ons tab, and click on the open box-like icon. Then select Install from zip file.
  • You can navigate from there to the zip file that you downloaded.
  • Choose it, and mount it.
  • Now go back to the main menu which you are directed to after clicking on the icon of the open box.
  • From the repository select Install.
  • Select Repository with Zomboided Add-on.
  • Select Services and then you can see Open VPN Manager at the top of the list.
  • Choose it, and mount it. Open the addon, after installation.

The related information can then be entered for your VPN provider. Assure that all the configuration options in the addon are running. Depending on your VPN provider, that will vary. You will be protected by your VPN during use of Kodi after configuring the addon.

Installing Kodi Using a VPN App

VPN providers typically offer software for a wide variety of platforms. You can also protect yourself with a VPN while using Kodi using the software which corresponds to the machine operating system on which you run Kodi.

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