A WAF or Web Application Firewall analyses web traffic to recognise any suspicious movement which can then naturally sift through illegitimate traffic dependent on guideline sets that you indicate between a web application and the Internet.

A Web Application Firewall can be either network-based, host-based or cloud-based and is frequently sent through a reverse proxy and put before at least one site or applications.

As we know websites, web applications, and web servers are prime cyber-attack targets. Where web servers are most ordinarily assaulted utilising SQL injection attacks, cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks, and DDoS attacks.

Security layer, for example, network firewall, IDS, IPS are great in ceasing illegitimate traffic and give organize layer security. Be that as it may, these don’t have the choice to distinguish or stop attacks, for example, SQL infusion, cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks, and DDoS attacks.

With the utilization of Web Application Firewall you can give a compelling answer for recognizing the dangers by analyzing approaching HTTP requests for before they even achieve the server. There are diverse sorts of WAF and see beneath for the list.

  • Network-based Web Application Firewall
  • Host-based Web Application Firewall
  • Cloud-hosted Web Application Firewall
  • Commercial vs Open Source Web Application Firewall

How WAF works?

As referenced before, WAF captures all HTTP requests for and examines before they come to the web server for processing.

Contingent upon the tenets set by the customer, a WAF can hinder the traffic and test the client visiting the site either to include CAPTCHA or tell the server to reproduce an attack.

A WAF works through a lot of principles frequently called as policies. These strategies expect to secure against vulnerabilities in the application by sifting through malicious traffic.

Overseeing and modifying security guidelines to shield your web applications from basic web dangers is quick and simple with the Cloudflare WAF with the accompanying feature.

  • Easy set-up
  • Default rule set, plus configuration
  • Detailed reporting

Some of the option also include blocking the request, blocking the session, blocking the IP address, blocking the user or logging out the user.

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