Walmart’s Flipkart to Resume Sale of Essential Products Amid : Lockdown

Following yesterday’s suspension of its services, Walmart’s Flipkart will soon begin distributing vital products as the nation enters a massive lockdown.

Coordination has been approved between central government and state governments, and most of the online shopping and distribution services are now back online.

Bengaluru based Walmart’s Flipkart stopped all shopping on its website and smartphone app early on Wednesday, just hours after Prime Minister Narendra Modi ordered a nationwide 21-day lockdown to combat coronavirus spreads.

While people around the world have increasingly turned to online retailers to buy household goods, food and medicine as the crisis has deepened, there has been uncertainty over the mixed signals on e-commerce from the Indian authorities.

The misunderstanding spread to some of those who imposed the lockout, with police officers stopping news of certain deliveries.

Announcing the partial resumption of Flipkart’s services, a statement from Chief Executive Kalyan Krishnamurthy said the decision was made after law enforcement authorities had guaranteed safe passage for their supplies and delivery staff.

The same is true of Amazon’s India company, which will no longer sell non-essential products on its website as the country enters full lockdown from 25 March 2020. Instead, the tech giant will concentrate on prioritizing and providing Indian population with the most important goods.

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