Want Cheaper Efficiency in Your Factory? Get a Used CMM Machine from an Authorized Dealer

CMM machines are commonly found in factories around North America because they save manufacturers so much money in operation costs. By performing quality control on production lines better and faster than a human employee ever could, CMM machines are a crucial tool for factories.
But these machines can be even more efficient if you take the smart route at the time of purchase. Read on to learn more about why it’s best to buy a CMM machine used from an authorized dealer.

Ethics Code

If you buy a CMM machine from an auction or an independent seller, you better hope that the information they provide about its parts and condition is accurate. There is no mechanism in place to ensure the CMM measurement services are providing reliable information.
However, the story changes when buying from a dealer authorized by the Machinery Dealers National Association (MDNA). If you purchase a CMM machine from an MDNA authorized dealer, you know you’ll get credible information about the machine’s condition, specifications, and adherence to industry terms and definitions.
If the equipment turns out to be mechanically unsatisfactory, you’ll be refunded, or they’ll fix it at the dealer’s option. If you buy a CMM machine independently and there are problems down the road, you’ll get no such assurances and have to deal with the consequences yourself.

Thorough Inspections

If you were called to inspect a CMM machine to see that it’s in good condition, would you even know what to look for? CMM machines need to provide reliable, repeatable results — everything needs to be in tip-top shape right from the time the machine hits the factory floor.
Buying from an authorized dealer is the only way to know that the probes, drive systems, bearings, air lines, and cabling have been thoroughly inspected. The best dealers in the industry guarantee that the machine will work properly from the time of purchase, or they’ll fix it for free.

Latest Software

Even if you have a relatively new CMM machine, there could be old software inside. It doesn’t matter how modern the machine is if the software inside is obsolete.
Buying your used CMM machine from an authorized dealer ensures there’s alignment between your needs, the equipment, and the software. If the market has software more suitable for your purposes, they can give you expert guidance.

Professional Calibration

Finally, you can’t just plug a CMM machine into the wall and begin using it. Authorized dealers will give your machine a professional calibration on your shop floor that will take into account environmental factors, so it works to specification right from the beginning.
CMM machines can be a game-changer when it comes to more efficient production. They played a crucial role in rescuing manufacturing from globalization, but you’ll save even more money from metrology equipment if you buy it used from an authorized dealer.


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