In early December 2018, Fortnite developer Epic Games announced that it was launching the Epic Games Store. The new storefront is being considered a massive rival to Steam, the Valve-owned platform for digital PC gaming. Steam has dominated the digital PC landscape for years but Epic’s new platform, which offers just a handful of games so far, could potentially shake things up.

After all, Epic is the developer behind one of the biggest games of the moment; Fortnite has more than 200 million players. So, what does the Epic Games Store tell us about the games industry and how could this impact the sector as a whole?

Why Did Epic Set Up Its Storefront?

To understand how this could shake things up, we first have to understand why Epic decided to set up the Epic Games Store. The primary reason is that of the sizeable cut that Valve takes from revenue; it takes 30% of each sale of a game on its platform, leaving developers with just 70%.

This doesn’t include any potential licensing fees for the engine used to make these games either. In addition to giving developers a bigger cut of the revenue (the Epic Games Store offers developers 88% of revenue), it also addresses issues such as review bombing (reviews are optional on the Epic Games Store) and social media abuse (the store has no social features).

Why Do Gamers Like Platforms?

Gamers, across all forms of gaming, enjoy platforms. Platforms make it easy to access and find games that you’re going to like and you don’t have to go hunting around; something which is especially frustrating when there are thousands of games on offer.

For example, at 888 you can play a bunch of different games. There are different slot games, as well as roulette and poker games, and card games like blackjack. By playing these casino games through a platform, you know that you’re always playing a high-quality title that has been reviewed and approved before it was added.

Likewise, one of the big appeals of the Epic Games Store is that every game offered in the store will be hand-picked by the Epic team, ensuring its quality.

Where Will the Epic Games Store Go From Here?

The Epic Games Store hasn’t been available for long, so it’s far too early to say whether the initiative will be a success or not, but so far things seem positive. Epic has also confirmed plans to improve the store in future and make it more appealing.

For example, Epic will offer users multiple free games a month, giving them an added incentive for users to shop on the store or at least check in regularly. The promotional aspect of the Epic Games Store and the fact that developers won’t have to compete against so many other games to stand out could also make it popular within the industry.

Again, it’s early days for the Epic Games Store. But Epic has set up its storefront based on its own qualms with selling PC games and it has set out to fix that, something which bodes well.


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