WhatsApp Business

Whatsapp Business Application is a standalone business application for small and mid-size businesses.It is in the testing stage and APK is now available online. Its available for  only those who had registered earlier. Those who are not beta testers won’t be able to see it on Google Play now.

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Users need to register with a contact number to enjoy the new  Whatsapp Business application.They can add their  profile picture, address, description about their business, website information and other relevant information .We need two phone numbers to use both the “Whatsapp Business App” and “Whatsapp personal App” simultaneously.This means same number cannot be used for both.

The logo of the Whatsapp app has also been modified. It now shows a letter ‘B’ inside the WhatsApp logo.It also includes few other interesting features.

The new features of Whatsapp Business Application

  • The Whatsapp for Business app will function almost similar to the normal Whatsapp app. The only difference is that the users need to have two different apps for personal and business purpose. Users have to register with the new Business app with a different phone number.
  • The businesses version of Whatsapp app can be registered with the landline numbers as well. This would really be useful for the small businesses and enterprises, since they depend mainly on landlines.
  • Users can get the inside view of Messages Received, Sent, Delivered and Read.
  • The Business app gives users many options to include location, categories/tags, a brief description of your business, an email address, and website information and much more.
  • Another new feature introduced in WhatsApp Business App is Auto Responses. We can turn this feature OFF or ON. This feature answers the queries by customer on behalf of the owner.
  • Users can set Away messages using the new WhatsApp Business App.
  • Users can also migrate all the important chats from old number as well.

The Facebook-owned  business messaging platform has launched the application and you can download the same from Google Play Store.

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