WhatsApp has started the rollout of an Android app update that brings a very useful feature call waiting. The feature will allow users to accept an incoming voice call from WhatsApp while on another call already.
Before today, when someone is trying to call you on WhatsApp while you’re talking, they’re going to hear it ring, but no one is going to answer. Then the call would be disconnected and you would later see a Missed Call.
Users may choose or decline the call. There are some restrictions, however, as it is not possible to hold the first call. The new call waiting is available for WhatsApp v2. 19.352 and above, and WhatsApp Business v2. 19.128. The call waiting feature is already available to Apple iPhone users.
WhatsApp’s new feature now shows a green Stop & Accept button next to the Decline button. When you push the red Decline button, you will cancel the incoming call and continue your ongoing call. When you click the End & Accept button, however, the continuing call will be disconnected to allow you to speak to the other person.
Almost four years ago, WhatsApp introduced calling functionality in the app. WhatsApp has since expanded the section with new features such as community voice calling and the ability during the call to turn to video.
WhatsApp recently added a number of new features in its latest update. Privacy settings enable you to monitor who can add you to WhatsApp groups while also allowing WhatsApp to activate the fingerprint requirement. This will protect your personal messages from unauthorized access.
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