It would appear that WhatsApp doesn’t wish to stop at any point in the near future. In the wake of testing a Forwarded Message option, Facebook-owned application WhatsApp is making changes  ‘Delete For Everyone’ feature in the most recent Beta update.
This feature which enables users to delete the messages they sent by mistake. At the season of the launch, it was specified that clients just had seven minutes to delete the sent message. Be that as it may, a week ago, WhatsApp expanded the this time farthest point to 68 minutes as a component of WhatsApp beta for Android variant 2.18.69.
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The augmentation of as far as possible was likewise made accessible later on iOS and Windows Phone updates. WhatsApp clients can comprehend that a message has been deleted with the “This message has been deleted” provoke in their chat window when some use the “Delete For Everyone” option. Those utilizing modded or unapproved adaptations of the application have deceived this notice framework to erase old messages.
It appears that the prominent messaging application is arranging of revealing another feature ‘Block Revoke Request’. The organization has seen that a portion of the clients are utilizing the adjusted form of the application and are erasing their 3 year old messages.

According to WaBetaInfo (@wabetainfo) Twitter account,”In order to stop these bad users, WhatsApp has implemented a “Block revoke request” feature. When the user deletes a message for everyone, WhatsApp sends to the recipient(s) a new message having the same ID of the message that the user wants to revoke.”

With this new expansion, WhatsApp is adhering to 24 hours as a source of perspective day and age keeping in mind the end goal to guarantee that the beneficiary or beneficiaries in the event of gathering visit have abundant time to get the revoke request. The update is a stage to control abuse of an element that was considered valuable by those utilizing the platform.

It further added,”If WhatsApp finds a message in the database having the same ID of the received revoke message request, it checks the data of the message saved in the database, performing an operation: if [current date] – [the date of the saved message] is less than 24 hours, WhatsApp can successfully delete the message.”


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