WhatsApp Dark Mode Arrives In Latest Beta For iPhone

WhatsApp officially launched dark mode earlier this year for its iOS app and iPhone users have been left out of the equation so far. But now, it’s officially been released via the beta channel as dark for the WhatsApp iOS app.

As expected, the feature can be accessed as of now only by iPhone users who are members of the TestFlight beta testing program.

It is, however, a function long awaited. Many famous iOS devices have already been modified to include dark mode, and WhatsApp is a big omission.

Till now users use dark mode across the network–which allows apps to render their backgrounds black, and is accepted by most major apps on iOS –are met by a blinding white background when they open WhatsApp.

WhatsApp operates on more than one shade of black for its iOS app according to the report For iPhone models with the OLED display, an infinite black color might arrive, while those with an LCD display might have a little aberration.

In terms of display content, the iPhone XR and iPhone 11 lie somewhere in the center, hence the third shade of darkness.

In a WhatsApp version 2.20.31 for the beta users on Android, the app now allows users to choose from six different color options.

Users can choose whilst using the dark theme from red, orange, mustard, sea-green and blue. Nevertheless, it is only the dark black theme that helps save the battery and not the other colors.

For now, the functionality is restricted on both platforms right beta users, meaning the large release is planned in the coming days. We’re not sure when that will happen as WhatsApp has postponed the launch for longer than expected.

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