WhatsApp Dark Theme Launch Said To Be Impend On iPhone

WhatsApp is said to be developing one of the most anticipated features to bring the Dark Theme, The company has not provided any timeline for its public visibility,

An updated iPhone version of WhatsApp that features the Dark Theme that is compatible with iOS 13 has been reported online. WhatsApp for Android meanwhile, has received a new beta version 2.19.331 that explicitly highlights the updated Facebook footer for beta testers.

The Facebook footer is shown on the login screen, on the Splash Screen and in the settings menu of the latest beta version of WhatsApp with the new logo (in upper case letters). WhatsApp tends to be among the first few Facebook apps to adopt the new footer re-branding.

A Dark Default Wallpaper for Android beta version 2.19.327 has recently been spotted by a leading blog that tracks WhatsApp developments in WhatsApp.

Likewise, WhatsApp for iPhone is rumored to include two distinct iterations of the Dark Theme, using different shades of black.

The popular social messaging app, according to sources, is working on changes that would be compliant with iOS 13.

The wasp is also working on rolling out the Delete Message feature for its Android users. This feature will delete messages automatically after the user has set a specific time period.

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