WhatsApp Expiring Media Feature To Media Files Once Viewed

As per the report, WhatsApp is seen working on a new feature called Expiring Media that would make media files vanish after you have viewed them, such as photos , videos, and GIFs sent to the phone of the recipient.

The functionality will be available for access via a dedicated timer button, further added to the study. After attaching media to their chats, users need to press the button. As indicated by another screenshot, this will allow expiration for the selected media content.

After the recipient leaves the chat window, the photos and videos exchanged by activating the Expiring Media function will fully vanish and WhatsApp will highlight those media files with a timer icon to let the recipient know that after they exit the chat, the shared files will expire.

WhatsApp is also working on expiring messages feature that works the same way as the chatting in Snapchat where the message would disappear after you leave the chat screen and the expiring media feature is an addition to it.

WhatsApp is working on another new feature that will allow users to first authenticate their fingerprint in the app before using the network of WhatsApp. There is no assurance as to whether the existing QR Code feature will remain or be replaced while using WhatsApp Site.

This feature would support users without your permission, so that no one can create a WhatsApp Web session. In version, the new findings were created and the function is experimental and still under development.

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