WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger Integration In The Works

Facebook announced its plans last year to merge Facebook , Instagram and WhatsApp into one single messaging service. It now appears that the social media giant is reportedly collaborating with WhatsApp to incorporate Facebook Messenger to allow communication between the two platforms.

There is a lot of ambiguity about how Facebook plans to remove this integration without compromising on data encryption and user security.

If this feature is enabled then the Facebook Messenger can communicate seamlessly with WhatsApp. The report suggests that Facebook may import the Signal protocol to encrypt and decrypt messages when that code goes live. WhatsApp already utilizes the Signal protocol.

As per the report , in order to manage messages and services with other WhatsApp users, a developer found some important references about this integration, such as the code that suggests Facebook is creating some tables in a local data base.

The code references indicate that Facebook will be able to identify sounds of push alerts and even some chat information if a WhatsApp connection is blocked.

Since the implementation is still in such an early phase, it is unknown if the integration can be switched off or if your WhatsApp contacts will be submitted to Facebook Messenger servers.

Although Facebook plans to carry out end-to – end encryption for all of its messaging services, given the complicated nature of the function that remains to be seen if the integration happens or is totally abandoned, as it is still in the development process.

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