As much as phony news is an issue over various web, social media platforms, the WhatsApp has in the past endeavored to control counterfeit news on the platform by first presenting a label that would show up on a message demonstrating that the message was forwarded.

This was later increased by restricting the times one could advance a message at one go to give yet that was insufficient to deflect fake news from spreading like fierce blaze.

The Facebook-owned organization is chipping away at two new highlights by updating the version of Android beta application to 2.19.80. According to the report, the new feature that is being tried in WhatsApp will tell clients how frequently a message has been forwarded.

Clients can check the info area of the message to know the times the message has been forwarded and if it’s an as often as frequently forwarded message.

The Facebook-owned instant application has additionally found a way to guarantee that its platform isn’t utilized to spread deception.

The main issue that is as yet hazy starting at now if whether this office will be accessible to those messages that you forward as got from another person also.

Additionally, if any, message that gets sent more than to 5 people or groups will be conveyed with the remark frequently forwarded.

While for iOS clients, WhatsApp is revealing the Short Link feature with Business beta version and is as of now accessible on both the normal Android and WhatsApp Business for Android applications. The said highlight has at long last been tried on iOS, according to the report.

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