WhatsApp messages application is a standout amongst the most prominent Android messenger applications that gives genuine awesome highlights to stay in contact with our loved ones and as of now been downloaded more than a billion times.
Presently it is know showing the blue check marks which tell senders the beneficiary has perused the message. Indeed, even the most diehard clients of WhatsApp will have noticed the requirement for perusing a message or seeing a photograph/video without the sender knowing.
WhatsApp has three levels of message delivery reports. One trick to show that the message has achieved Whatsapp’s servers, another to advise the client that it has reached the beneficiary’s telephone. Presently, there’s a third layer of data as blue check marks, demonstrating that the beneficiary has surely perused the message.
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In some cases you should need to peruse a WhatsApp message without having to answer instantly. In this article we will manage you on the best way to peruse WhatsApp messages of our WhatsApp contacts without telling them that we have really seen their message.

  • Disabling “Read Receipts” choice is the likely the most effortless technique to read a Whatsapp message without informing the sender. When impaired, then the capacity of WhatsApp to indicate blue ticks to the sender that reveals to them that you’ve read their message. However, it likewise cripples the alternative to see when somebody has read your message. To disable the option, please follow the steps.
  1. Open WhatsApp and select  ‘Settings’ menu.
  2.  Click ‘Accounts’ and then on ‘Privacy’.
  3. Untick the ‘Read Receipts’ option.

  • Another basic trick that we use to parse the whatsapp messages is by empowering the Airplane Mode, which will remove any information to and from your cell phone. You may need to reject a warning pop-up about the application not working accurately in Airplane Mode, but rather than you’re allowed to explore to your preferred message or picture and have a read. When you have read the message at that point close the application totally and it is sheltered to turn-off Airplane Mode.


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