WhatsApp New Feature

Facebook-possessed organization WhatsApp has had a bustling year with one update after another. The application is by all accounts always endeavoring to make it more advantageous to work for its 1 billion worldwide day by day active clients. WhatsApp new feature on its Beta platform that includes convenience for the clients, Dark Mode and Swipe to Reply.

WhatsApp new feature are still in the beta phase however will be moved to the steady form soon. Dull Mode and Swipe to Reply have been spotted on WhatsApp’s most recent Beta update.

Dark Mode Feature turns the theme of the entire instant messaging platform to black, which is to ease pressure on the eyes in dark environments. This feature also helps users to save battery life of their smartphones, which use OLED displays. As we all know in OLED display pixels in Black areas are basically just turned off.

Swipe to Reply feature adds convenience in responding to texts directly like the iOS users. Instead of tapping on the reply button user just has to swipe towards the right and the message will open with the cursor in the typing box, making texting extremely convenient for its users.

Previously, Facebook-owned company WhatsApp has introduced Mark as Read shortcut include in the Notification Center. The component will enable clients to stamp messages in a visit as read without opening the application.

Also, another feature Forwarded name that will be stuck on all the sent WhatsApp messages you get to enable you to decide whether your contacts have composed the message they sent or on the off chance that it was initially made by somebody else.

Going forward user can expect more feature from Facebook-owned company WhatsApp.

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