WhatsApp Secrets

WhatsApp, the well known messaging application owned by web-based social networking monster Facebook with 1.5 billion monthly active users. In this article we will list out best Whatsapp secrets features you need to know.

As mentioned in my previous blog Whatsapp is officially the world biggest messaging application loved by everyone, which is used to by the users to send 60 billion messages every single day. We are receiving more updated on this messaging application after Facebook owned this application.

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WhatsApp Secrets Features ?

  • We do have the option to watch YouTube videos without leaving the application anymore, this started after a recent update. So if any of your friend or family members send your a YouTube video, you just need to tap on the play button and the video will be played in the floating window.
  • Recently Whatsapp has launched UPI based payment feature in India. You will be able to find the option in the chat screen alongside other option (Gallery, Camera, Contact etc.), when you select the option, it will list out the back and you user can select their preferred bank. User needs to make sure they have a UPI account in order to use this feature.
  • Whatsapp also have the feature to hide the blue tick which indicated message, send has been delivered and read. You can disable or hide it by Settings > Account > Privacy > Read Receipts, but if you turn off read receipts you won’t be able to see your own read message.
  • Same as Snapchat whatsapp have launched the feature to doodle the image before sending an image. Doodle is nothing but adding stickers, emoji, overlay text or cropping the image before sending it.
  • Another feature recently introduced is the Highlight Text where the user can select the text they are looking to highlight then select the arrow on the top right of the screen.

As mentioned before after Facebook owned the messaging application more updated are coming in. Now Facebook at its F8 developer conference had reported that it would include group video calling support and voice on WhatsApp not long from now. The ability to influence voice and video to aggregate gets is gradually taking off over the world, so don’t freeze excessively if the update hasn’t dropped on your gadget at this time.

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