Here’s another WhatsApp Spam Message solidifying smartphones overall focusing on both Android and Apple iPhone users. And it’s sad for some situation clients have allegedly been compelled to restart their smartphones.
These messages, as per reports incorporate invisible special characters, which are in charge of crashing the application. These spam message are slamming Whatsapp as well as the smartphones.
These messages clearly include hidden symbols, which are in charge of the application or phone crash. The messages are composed in a plain and basic content together with images which is the thing that makes it troublesome for the clients to distinguish if it’s an ordinary message or a bug. The pranksters are utilizing these hidden special characters to delude the WhatsApp clients.
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The main bug is covered up in a message which perishes, “This is very interesting (emoji)… Read more”. This message has no sign of containing anything malevolent. Tapping on “Read More” stops the application.
The second bug is more clear and difficulties clients to test it. The message peruses, “If you touch the (emoji) black point, then your WhatsApp will hang”. There is for sure a dark dot just below the message which is said to crash the application if tapped on.
The message string is said to crash the application because of the clear space between the content and the dark spot. The message when changed over into HTML uncovers that the content comprises of RLM (right-to-left mark). This is an undetectable formatting character which is utilized to recognize left-to-right content and ideal right-to-left content.
In English content, LRM (left-to-right) directional arranging is utilized while the said WhatsApp message utilizes RLM. It is generally theorized that the utilization of wrong directional formatting character is training WhatsApp to alter the course from left-to-right to appropriate right-to-left, which at last outcomes in the application crashing.
Evading such messages is prescribed. On the off chance that you get any such surrey messages on WhatsApp, it is encouraged to not tap on them, and just ignore. In the event that you get such messages, the best thought is to erase it.


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