The most popular instant messaging app Whatsapp, with 1.3 billion active users has come up with a new update on Space management feature for Android users, something which was introduced earlier this year in January for iOS users.

WhatsApp has made it less demanding for its clients to free up memory on your mobile and that too without erasing important messages or data.

This new feature will enable users to mass erase some specific sort of messages from WhatsApp leaving the other ones. As of now, the feature is only available to beta testers.

Prior, storage usage screen just lets users see WhatsApp groups or chats that utilize a large portion of the space.

Also, the users are only left with the options to either delete entire chats or delete all media. The new update will allow users to delete different types of texts separately.

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How it works:

In order to access this feature, tap on to Settings > Data and Storage Usage > Storage usage. All your chats will be displayed there, in the order from most storage heavy in the least.

This helps you to identify which specific chats are hanging heavy on your device’s storage as well.

From the ranked list, you can tap on any of the conversations for a better-detailed breakdown of various types of messages, including text, images, videos, GIFs, documents, locations and much more. Click on the Manage Messages button at the bottom to delete messages easily.

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